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Pen Pal Letters! オーストラリアの姉妹校と文通開始


Kyuchu wants to develop more international relationships. This year we started aPen pal program with our sister school, Immanuel College in Adelaide, Australia.  Students at Immanuel are studying Japanese and Kyuchu students are studying English. So, it's a great chance for students at both schools to do a language exchange.

In English Conversation Class, the third-year students wrote a letter to a student in Australia. Students worked on the letters for a month. The letters were written in English and Japanese. The first paragraph was a self-introduction in English. Then the students asked questions in Japanese. Last they introduced something from Japanese culture in English and drew a picture of it.

All of the students tried really hard. Now we are waiting for Immanuel to answer our letters. The Japanese teachers at Immanuel plan to send letters back around Christmas. After that we will write back again.




immanuel pen pal 2020 1.JPG

immanuel pen pal 2020 2.JPG